Memphis-Midsouth DSA Campaigns

Medicare For All

DSA has launched a national Medicare for All Campaign.  Sign up to help us organize to build support for improved Medicare for All

If you are interested in joining Memphis-Midsouth DSA's Medicare for All Committee to organize locally contact us!

Poor People's Campaign

DSA has endorsed the  Poor People's Campaign.  Continuing the tradition of MLK and DSA founder Michael Harrington, we are organizing to fight and end poverty in the U.s.

College For All

DSA's youth section, Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) has started a College for All Campaign to push for TUITION FREE college for all public colleges and universities, and forgiveness of ALL student loan debt.  

DSA for Bernie 2020

Democratic Socialists for Bernie 2020

Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum! Between his historic Green New Deal proposal, visionary workplace democracy plan, liberatory racial justice proposals and commitment to Medicare for All, millions of working people are rising up to support Sanders’ agenda. That means millions of people are open to democratic socialism and DSA — if we take the opportunity to talk with them about the REAL issues.

That’s why we’re proud to officially launch our DSA/YDSA for Bernie campaign on September 7-9! It’s time to fight for the election of the first Democratic Socialist president. We know that Bernie can’t win without us. And we can’t grow at the level we need without bringing new people in through this campaign. So we’re going out into the field and to campuses around the country to show DSA and YDSA’s power when we take action together.

Visit DSA's Democratic Socialists for Bernie Website for more information on the national campaign.

To join the Bernie Organizing Committee:

Email to learn how you can get involved with our local Bernie 2020 campaign.



Would you like to help Memphis-Midsouth DSA's local campaigns?  We have regular canvassing events for Medicare for All and other local political campaigns.  

If you would like to be part of our canvassing teams, contact  us!



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